Showcasing Michigan through photography


Where is this heading?

It’s been a while since I last posted. I really seem to lose interest in photography during the warmer months when cycling becomes my passion and finding time for both proves difficult with family and work obligations. Also, there’s an allure to the colder months, a mood that I just cannot capture any other time of the year. It makes me wonder if I could fully commit to photography as a career or if the business aspect of it would smother that elusive feeling I get when I do want to capture something. Sometimes I wonder if there is a point to it at all, other then to satisfy my own soul, or maybe that should be enough.


and yet another, this one of my oldest (8 yr old) Jacob.

Another shot from my lake visit with the kids…….

Spent some time out at Lake Erie with the kids the other day. They have never seen the lake frozen over so it was fun watching them explore. I grabbed a few shots while watching them. I think their personalities really come out. I’ll post one each day………’s the first.

Spent some time walking on the beach along Lake Erie this morning. The sun was warm for a February morning and the lake was snow covered as far as the eye could see. Peaceful and quiet, it was nice to get away from everything for a few hours.

I’ve been reexamining my work, looking at a lot of older photographs, trying to reconnect with it. During this process I think I’ve really discovered where I want my photography to go. I find myself connecting more emotionally to my images. It’s kind of rejuvenating. I’ve always put a lot of pressure on myself to “appease the masses” and have been trying to create what I thought people would like. Now, I just want to do what I like, and it should have been that way from the beginning but it’s very easy to get derailed.

This particular shot, I can get lost in.

My First Large Print

The FedEx guy just dropped of my print. I’ve done little prints before, but this time it was a big 24×32. Very exciting and very rewarding. Most of my photography is enjoyed digitally, but it just doesn’t compare to physically holding it in your hand, hanging it on your wall, viewing the subtle interactions between ink and paper. Very satisfying!