Showcasing Michigan through photography


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Big Sky

Ever feel like you just want to capture everything in the frame? I just love big skies and sometimes the camera just doesn’t seem “big” enough or the lens “wide” enough. This particular sunset shot showcases Michigan’s rural back-country setting in Winter.

Matthaei Botanical Gardens

A recent trip to the gardens revealed some new scenery to me on a cold and blustery day. This weather tends to keep people indoors and creates a quiet and undisturbed world that I’m more than happy to explore.

Testing my mobile

Back to it……..

The creative juices are starting to flow and the moody allure of late Autumn/Winter is upon us. My favorite time of the year to photograph. One of my favorite subjects is trees. They seem to have a personality and one can only imagine what stories they would tell if they could.

Where is this heading?

It’s been a while since I last posted. I really seem to lose interest in photography during the warmer months when cycling becomes my passion and finding time for both proves difficult with family and work obligations. Also, there’s an allure to the colder months, a mood that I just cannot capture any other time of the year. It makes me wonder if I could fully commit to photography as a career or if the business aspect of it would smother that elusive feeling I get when I do want to capture something. Sometimes I wonder if there is a point to it at all, other then to satisfy my own soul, or maybe that should be enough.

and yet another, this one of my oldest (8 yr old) Jacob.